Ogof Draenen - Clive Westlake's Draenen pictures

All of the pictures are in black & white; there is nothing wrong with the configuration of your browser if that is what you see. If you have trouble viewing these images, see the notes at the end of this page.

Gilwern Passage

  1. The long straight section

Strawberry Passage

  1. Traverse into Strawberry Passage
  2. Main phreatic tube

Waterfall Series

  1. Anthodites in 6th Heaven Chamber

The Round Trip

  1. White Arch Passage
  2. Megadrive
  3. The Players' Tunnel
  4. Saint David's Hall
  5. Far Agent Blorenge
  6. Far Agent Blorenge (2)

Beyond A Choke Streamway

  1. Early Beyond A Choke
  2. Downstream Beyond A Choke

The Score

  1. One Night Stand

Wyvern Extensions

  1. The Land Down Under

Lucky Thirteen

  1. Gone With The Wind
  2. Midwinter Chambers

Big Country

  1. Big Country
  2. Big Country in flood
  3. Poetic Justice

Dollimore Series

  1. MSAD
  2. MSAD (2)
  3. Out Of The Blue
  4. Out Of The Blue (2)
  5. Nicola's Grotto
  6. Circus Maximus
  7. Beyond Circus Maximus
  8. Luck Of The Draw
  9. Luck Of The Draw (2)
  10. Medusa's Children
  11. Medusa's Children (2)
  12. The Geryon
  13. The Geryon's Lair
  14. The Needles

War Of The Worlds (WOW)

  1. The Reactor
  2. Sendero Luminoso
  3. Sendero Luminoso (2)
  4. Start of WOW South
  5. Middle of WOW South

Notes about the pictures

25 of these pictures were kindly donated by Clive Westlake to be included on the Ogof Draenen description page. A number of other pictures were donated to the OUCC to include on their Draenen gallery. More pictures were donated to 'The Secret Bottletop Production Company' to include on their Pwll Du Environs gallery. One was donated to GCR to be included in their publication Karst and Caves of Great Britain. I have collected all of those photos together to save you the effort of having to look through the entire description to find them all.

Note, you should not reproduce the pictures for publication without first seeking the permission of the photographer, Clive Westlake.

Photos scanned by Steve King, OUCC and Secret Bottletop. Edits by Tarquin.


Image viewing notes

The pictures were scanned in 256 shades of grey at 100 dpi - a trade-off between the quality of the final image that you see and the size of the file (and therefore the time the image takes to load).

Whether you see all 256 shades may depend on the quality and/or configuration of your video card. They look great on most computers, but on some of them, they are displayed in 16 shades of grey. We can't help you resolve this problem so please don't ask. You'll have to read your manuals. Note that AOL users should disable any image compression to see the images correctly.