Ogof Draenen, South Wales, UK

Description of Ogof Draenen

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A B.C.R.A. grade 5 survey was in progress and was being conducted by the Chelsea Speleological Society. Almost 75% of the known cave was drawn to this grade. This survey has now been discontinued, and may no longer be available for sale.

A B.C.R.A. grade 2/3 survey (2 A3 sheets) of the known cave in June 1995 (length then 27,500 m, but covering the "Round Trip") can be purchased from Morgannwg Caving Club and some UK caving shops.

The almost complete B.C.R.A. grade 2 survey data for the cave is available from the Oxford University Caving Club's Draenen survey page. Currently the following parts are known to be missing:

Hexamine Highways in 3D

This requires a Browser with a VRML plugin (such as the Cortona VRML Client plugin).

This simulation was rendered by Peter Wilton-Jones using "Tunnel". Run the simulation.

Hosting the description

I offer my most sincere thanks to Steve. Between mid 1995 and early 2007, he had very generously hosted my Ogof Draenen description on his site, helped merge countless updates into it, fixed more typôs and grandmatickle errors than I have had hot baths, and made sure that the description has been available to you, the caver, for almost as long as the Web itself has existed.

But the time came for me to take over hosting of the description for myself. This is the current home for the Draenen description, and it will remain here for the foreseeable future. I intend to keep it up to date here, to the standard that you have come to rely on. Enjoy.