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Josie Wilton-Jones

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Josie Wilton-Jones




Baracuda Jacabat, Concept No Limit, Magna Glamorous, Spokey Joe Topp Trailer (baby trailer)


TripDurationDistance (miles)Bike(s)
02 June 2011 - Abercynon to Aberfan3:1512Baracuda Jacabat
12 March 2011 - Millennium Coastal Path2:4013Concept No Limit
12 June 2010 - Elan Valley Trail2:4010.4Concept No Limit
16 August 2009 - Manifold Way3:4016Concept No Limit
17 July 2009 - Killarney1:202Raleigh Krush
30 July 2008 - Terpelân Route3:3021Rider Hurricane
29 July 2008 - Ameland Loop3:4515.5Loekie Urban
13 July 2008 - Blaenavon Railway27Concept No Limit
22 March 2008 - Llanelly Hill22.5Magna Glamorous
05 November 2006 - Pontsticill Loop3:3011Spokey Joe Topp Trailer (baby trailer)
22 June 2006 - Cardiff to Nantgarw (again)1:309Spokey Joe Topp Trailer (baby trailer)
10 June 2006 - Cardiff to Nantgarw19Spokey Joe Topp Trailer (baby trailer)
04 June 2006 - Taff Trail in Merthyr2:157.5Spokey Joe Topp Trailer (baby trailer)
13 November 2005 - Taff Trail to Pontypridd4:5018Spokey Joe Topp Trailer (baby trailer)
21 August 2004 - Grizedale Forest loop2:3010Burley Cub with suspension (baby trailer)

Riding history

Sat on a baby bike seat for several gentle bike rides. Sat in a baby trailer for a few bike rides. Can ride a bike for reasonable distances, but not on mountains yet.

Important points

Daughter of Tarquin and Anonymous.

Other interests

Erm, what do children this age like?

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