Wilton-Jones exotics

About us

We are Becci and Tarquin Wilton-Jones, hobbyist reptile keepers from Cardiff in South Wales. We keep a number of species, tailoring their care to suit their own needs. When it comes to breeding, our main focus is on the popular royal pythons and corn snakes, breeding the patterns most commonly seen in nature, and some of our favourite morphs, with plans to extend to other species, as time permits.

We have a passion for exotic pets such as reptiles and inverts, and we would like to share that with you, by providing you with some of our quality exotic animals. Our breeding stock are pets first, and breeders second, so you can be sure that they receive the loving care and attention that they deserve from us. Their offspring are treated in the same way. These wonderful animals have made themselves an important part of our lives, and we look forward to the opportunity of passing that on to you.

We breed these animals for ourselves, as a hobby. They are not bred as part of a business, and for the ones we sell, we sell them for as low a price as possible, to cover the cost of their breeding and feeding. We are not in this to make a profit, and we're happy just to be able to call these animals our pets.

As obsessive record keepers, all of our stock can be supplied with full feeding, growth and medical records, as well as any known details of their ancestry and genetics. In most cases, there are also accompanying photographs of them, their parents, and their clutch. See what the various measurements used on this site mean.

Animals are available for collection from us directly, or we can discuss other arrangements. Please contact us for details.

Care guides

These are just quick guides to get you started. They are not intended to be complete books, and cannot replace a well written book, or the advice of an expert.

If you are looking for detailed books about corn snakes, we suggest "Corn Snakes The Comprehensive Owner's Guide" by Kathy and Bill Love (ISBN 1882770706 or 978-1882770700). For royal/ball pythons, there are many good books such as "Ball Pythons in Captivity" by Kevin McCurley (ISBN 978-0976733485). For tarantulas, the excellent "Tarantula Keeper's Guide" by Stanley A. Schultz (ISBN 978-0764138850), is an in-depth guide for beginners and experts, even covering surgical techniques. Local authors include Lance Jepson, whose "Pet Expert" series of books covering corn snakes and royal/ball pythons are a gentle introduction for beginners, and are usually available from pet shops and online.