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01 June 2006 - Clyde to Forth cycle network

WhereClyde to Forth cycle network
(East Glasgow)
Date01 June 2006
Duration1 hours 15 minutes
Distance14 miles (~23 km)
WeatherOvercast and windy
Trail conditionsSolid dry tarmac with occasional patches of gravel
Anonymous Unknown Specialized Crossroads Sport (F)
Mark 'Tarquin' Wilton-Jones 26 Specialized Crossroads Sport (M)

Trip report

Description by Mark 'Tarquin' Wilton-Jones

I have been suffering from a long term knee injury, that has been hampering my enjoyment of outdoor activities. Caving and walking are both off limits, and I have had very little exercise for several months. Getting tired of our slow national heath system, I was trying to find an exercise that I could do without making my situation any worse.

See pictureSee pictureThe trip started in Kilmacolm, picking up the local cycle network at the main bridge over the old railway. Starting south, it immediately broke into countryside. The path itself was fairly boring tarmac with almost no variation.

See pictureThe route is dotted with several small sculptures, some monuments to the past industry of the area, and some (such as these) representing other historical events.

See pictureSee pictureWe passed the small village of Quarriers. Apparently this was mostly created by wealthy individuals who would demonstate their own status by funding yet another orphanage in the village.

See pictureAt Bridge of Weir we turned around, heading gently uphill and into the wind. After watching a few birds of prey hunting, we arrived back at Kilmacolm.

See pictureSee pictureMy companion decided she had done enough exercise, and headed back to where we were staying. I had certainly not had enough, and was encouraged by the lack of pain in my knee, so I continued north. The path regained the railway line after some houses, then slowly climbed over three miles as it approached Port Glasgow.

See pictureThe view was rewarding; over the Firth of Clyde to the Loch Lomond national park, with the distinctively angled Ben Lomond. The housing estate that partially blocked the view was far less inviting, so I turned around. Feeling energetic, I sped back over just over three miles, slowing for walkers and cyclists, and still managing to make it in just 6 minutes. No pain in my knees, but feeling happy to at last having got some exercise.

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